This is a list of practitioners that I have seen throughout my journey within. All of these incredible people were found through other people highly recommending them. It can be difficult to find practitioners at the start of your journey, so I thought it would be helpful for you to have a directory. I have been seeing most of them for at least 3 years.

If you are unsure of where to start, feel free to contact me. As you might already know, I too am a Naturopath, Sound and Reiki healer, mentor and run the Spiritual Nutrition Healing Space to help you on your journey. However, sometimes you need a few different practitioners to cover various areas to obtain ground breaking fast results. Contact me for a chat and we can work out the best option for you depending on where you are at and what your needs are. Cx


Psychotherapist & Tantric Practitioner

Jules supports people to reconnect with themselves, find deeper meaning and purpose and learn to embody love in their lives. She has served 100’s of people in her 25 years as a Psychotherapist/Buddhist Counsellor for individuals and groups.

Jules’ presence is infused with compassion, wisdom, warmth and intuition, creating safety for her clients to be vulnerable, knowing they be held with grace.

In her therapeutic sessions, Jules’ depth and great capacity to hold space has changed many lives. She is an experienced teacher of meditation and mindfulness practices and more recently, has expanded her offerings to include creation and co-facilitation of leadership retreats.

Catherine’s Experience:

Jules was a phenomenal help to me when I was going through my marriage separation.

I had already seen a couples counsellor who was horrendous and was relieved to have been recommended to see Jules.  I was worn out, incredibly far from myself and my masculine and feminine were completely out of balance. Jules helped me come back into balance, and start nurturing myself again. She has also helped me discover and know my worth.



Highly Intuitive Osteopath

To treat one part of the body in isolation ignores the inherent ability of the patient to find homeostasis and in doing so return to health. Due to this you won’t find me offering to treat lists of conditions. You will however find that I’ll assess the whole person and treat them using an osteopathic approach. Osteopathy offers the chance for patients to learn about their own unique responses to the world and how these responses have affected their life. During this exploration, the patient may then learn to respond to the environment with more ease and confidence. An example of this is by them becoming aware of their postural and breathing responses to stressful situations. The end result could be that they have more awareness to the way their body responds or they may even decide they no longer need to be exposed to the stressful parts of their environment at all. As you’ll discover at Atrium Osteopathy the osteopathic approach involves a thorough case history, examination and assessment, hands on manual therapy and education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Catherine’s Experience:

I came to Elissa with a sprained ankle in 2015. Fast forward three years and I completely transformed my life. Such rapid transformation can often play havoc with our physical body. Often our bodies are resistant to the rapid change, and we can end up with aches and pains. Elissa has helped me free my body and bring me back into balance during all of my energetic shifting. She is also highly intuitive and counsels and guides me during the Osteopathic treatment so that I shift through more layers finding out the cause of any blocks that are presenting.



Integrative Medicine Clinic Hawthorn

Featuring Melbourne’s most prominent integrative General Practitioners and complementary medical staff, the NIIM Clinic offers treatment for a wide range of illnesses, including everyday ailments as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, bowel disease, and heart disease, metabolic and endocrine disorders, cancer and others.

Catherine’s Experience:

Dr Pamela Dagley has been my regular GP for quite some time now.  Pamela leaves no stone unturned and carries out extensive testing a normal GP would not normally do so that she can get to the bottom of ailments. All the doctors at NIIM are fantastic, however I have personally preferred to see Pamela.




Pleiadian Lightwork

Angela is an intuitive healer, psychic and medium. As an energy healer and channel for universal beings her passion is energetically changing our belief systems.  Through the use of metaphysical modalities such as Holistic Counselling, Pleiadian Lightwork, Tarot, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship and Channelled readings she aims to empower others to trust their inner guidance and feel confident to make life choices to create a joyful, harmonious existence.

Catherine’s Experience:

I have found Angela to have helped me with releasing old belief patterns and past life connections that were holding me back. The freedom and release she has helped me get to in a very small amount of time has been incredible. I am now able to move forward instead of feeling stuck. Angela’s work particularly helped me move on from people and relationships no longer serving me well and through clearing old belief patterns, I have got to a place where I have come to a whole new sense of belief in myself and self worth so that I am no longer settling for anything less than the absolute best for me.





Kirrily originally trained as a Psychic Medium, over 20 years ago, with Joan Farrell (DSNU) through the Spiritualist Church.  Kirrily is a full time Medium offering personal readings and has demonstrated mediumship at the Victorian Spiritualists Union (VSU) and other Spiritualist Churches throughout Melbourne, Australia.

Mediumship offers evidence of the continuance of life beyond the physical world. Whilst connecting with loved ones who have passed to Spirit, Kirrily also offers unique emotional and spiritual insights, bringing great comfort and understanding. Her commitment is to authentically reconnect people with loved ones in a deeply compassionate and personal way, thus preserving the integrity of this work.

She is also a Certified Soul Coach with Denise Linn passionately maintaining that one’s own personal development further enhances our natural intuitive and psychic abilities. Kirrily facilitates development courses, group Soul Coaching® Programs and other workshops. 

Her clients highly recommend her sessions for integrity, honesty, accuracy and warm compassion.

Catherine’s Experience:

Kirrily is a family friend and has been one of the most inspiring mentors I have had in my life thus far. I still remember her talking about ‘Spirit’ back in 2015 when I was tired, sick and incredibly far from myself.  I remember looking at her blankly not really understanding what she meant. I now talk with Spirit everyday and receive constant guidance from my relatives that have passed on because I understand how to ask and how to connect. I also used to be petrified of death, and now I feel fine and calm about it. Her sessions have shown me that we do in fact live on, and there is a world that us humans have disconnected from. I have realised the importance of connecting each day with the unseen world and hope to inspire more people to connect and believe as they can help us in extraordinary ways.


Do not expect to get into see Kirrily any time soon. It is normally at least a year of waiting. I suggest booking it in and being incredibly patient! She is AMAZING. I normally book in for a ‘Personal Reading’.



Bowen therapist, Osteopath, Homeopath, Naturopath

Dr Ryan has an Honours Degree in Biological Health Sciences from Deakin University, Diplomas in Osteopathy and Naturopathy from the Southern School of Natural Therapies and in Acupuncture from the Melbourne College of Acupuncture. Dr Ryan continues his studies in each of his therapies in order to provide the best care possible.
He has a long history of providing treatment to people of all ages. He has a particular interest in the care of infants and children and of all those with a disability.
Infant colic, digestive and allergy conditions in children, Immune system disorders and eczema, specific health needs of children with a genetic basis such as Down Syndrome, children with acquired speech, hearing or learning difficulties are all examples of Dr Ryan's interest areas.

Catherine’s Experience:

I happened to chat to a Naturopath that I sat next to on a plane to the Sunshine Coast and mentioned I had issues with my neck and shoulder. She said that if I would like a miracle worker then I should book in to see Kevin Ryan. Two weeks later I was booked in, and within a few sessions I was back to normal. He even gave me some homeopathics for my gut that had started playing up again and that was fixed too! Kevin is a practitioner that does not wish to keep seeing you forever, he wants to see you get well quickly so you can get on with life. No BS approach and knows his stuff inside out. He is located on Little Collins Street, Melbourne.




Psychic Readings and Animal Intuitive

Sharleen is a naturally gifted Intuitive & Empath. She is deeply connected to Spirit, Nature & the Animal Kingdom. Been Clairsentient by nature but having the use of the other 3 Clair's, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Claircognizance, she is able to provide clear & accurate guidance. Although Sharleen had always known that something set her apart from others, it wasn't until 15yrs ago that life took a turn & shifted her onto her rightful path as a Healer/Medium. Over that time she has studied in many different modalities, expanding & honing her innate gifts. Sharleen works with an open heart, channelling & passing on messages from Spirit, Loved ones, Guides & Angels with honesty, compassion & sincerity. Offering the healing needed to bring you back into balance providing a sense of peace, clarity & direction. 

Catherine’s Experience:

Sharleen’s readings have helped me with my direction, personal life, and business. More often than not she confirms what I already intuitively know!  She has also helped me connect with my dog Jinji so that I can ensure that she is getting everything she needs. This was particularly helpful during the uprooting of my relationship so that I knew where Jinji would prefer to live and what caused her anxiety.