The Story Of Flower Essences

The use of flower essences spans over many cultures for thousands of years. The Australian Aboriginal people have used them extensively in ceremony and to bring about emotional balance. Australia itself has a deeply spiritual wise old energy, and not only do Australian flowering plants have an incredible beauty and strength, they are the oldest in the world. With this magnificent combination, Australian Bush Flower Essences have a phenomenal strength and vibration which makes them exceptionally unique and highly effective when prescribed.

Ian White (creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences) is a Naturopath, Homeopath, and comes from a long line of herbalists. Thanks to his intuition, channelling and deep connection with Spirit and the Australian native plants we now have access to these very special and important catalysts for healing and reconnecting with our Higher Selves.


Connecting with your truest nature through flower essences

“Disease itself is the physical manifestation of emotional imbalances which predominantly occur when people are not in touch with their Higher Selves. Yet disease is not something to be feared or worried about. Rather, it can be seen as an indication that something in a person’s life is out of balance. Consequently, a disease or illness can be seen in quite a positive light, for it can point the person back towards the right path. Each person has a specific life plan or purpose and, once in tune with this and following it, then person’s life flows much more easily and successfully.” Ian White (Creator Of Australian Bush Flower Essences)

AVENTURINE (Clarity) Nourishing Treat  Chakra: Heart  Affirmation: ‘I am loving what I do and doing what I love’

AVENTURINE (Clarity) Nourishing Treat

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: ‘I am loving what I do and doing what I love’

Australian Bush Flower Essence Infused Nourishing Treats

I vividly remember that very special afternoon when I received a letter from the Australian Bush Flower Essence company giving me permission to use the essences in our nourishing treats. All of a sudden an expansion occurred. I would be able to deliver a food product that not only tasted delicious but would also connect you to your Higher Self. A high vibration, multi-dimensional snack to help support your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing.

Flower essences have been an incredible support for me on my journey reconnecting with myself and my purpose, so it is an absolute pleasure and delight I can now share them with you. Each nourishing treat has a unique collection of Australian Bush Flower Essences that work with a specific chakra, helping to bring into balance its energy and help you overcome any obstacles you may be experiencing emotionally. If you don’t feel like you need emotional balancing and would just like to enjoy a delicious treat, then that’s ok too. The essences will only work on you if you need them at the time.

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Spiritual Nutrition Healing Space  Flower Essences & Your Journey Within

Spiritual Nutrition Healing Space

Flower Essences & Your Journey Within

Australian Bush flower essence therapy + Reiki & Sound Healing

As part of my Reiki and Sound Healing work, I use Australian Bush Flower Essences during the session and also give you a specially prescribed bottle to take home. During the healing, I receive messages to pass on to you in the form of affirmations while I am working on specific chakra’s. It’s like the chakra’s have a chat with me, and tell me a story of what they are yearning for most, what kind of attention they need. Sometimes the energy is so strong it brings tears to my eyes and I get rushes of shivers through my body. Other times they speak to me through sound and colour. Directing me to a specific flower or even an exercise for you to take home and do to help encourage flow and nurturing to that energy centre.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a wonderful way for me to help you continue your expansion and connection with your Higher Self in-between treatments, they help to peel back the energetic layers, emotional blocks causing the imbalance within the body. These treatments are your journey and I am the mentor and facilitator.

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