Founded by naturopath and energetic healer Catherine Saliba in 2017, Spiritual Nutrition is a multi-dimensional offering of light and love that was born from a long journey back to her truest self.


‘Spiritual Nutrition is every bit your journey as it is mine. It is a path of light to guide you back to you. Every word, every sound, each and every mouthful of nourishing treat, drop of flower essence, reiki healing, space clearing, and sharing of experience, is my service to you, helping to connect and guide you home to your truest nature, so that you remember and know deep within that you are a divinely unique and incredibly resilient beam of light.’



At the beginning of 2017, I chose to leave a life that I had created for the past decade. It was one of the most terrifying and equally important decisions I have ever made. I had been ill for quite sometime. Chronic gut issues that had been causing Chronic Fatigue and severe anxiety. I had drifted incredibly far from my truth, my purpose, and my body was trying to tell me.

Once I’d decided to choose me, everything fell away. I was stripped bare. I had my dog Jinji, and five very special treats that I had created.  It was time to rebuild.

Not only did I have a deep desire to reclaim, heal, rebuild, and transform myself, I also knew it was time to allow my business that is essentially an extension of me, to grow and transform with me.  It needed to reflect who I had become and was becoming. It was going to give me a platform to finally share my truth and tell my unique story.

I like to call Spiritual Nutrition my story. My multi-dimensional spiritually nutritious story where you can visit to be inspired, delighted, have a cry, have a giggle, get in touch with yourself, your intuition, your heart space and truest nature.

I see our very special Australian Bush Flower essence infused nourishing treats as the beautiful backbone of Spiritual Nutrition. They have provided a very important start point and platform from which so many ideas, inspirations, and magic is blossoming. They allow a breaking through the barrier to connect with not so spiritually minded individuals through food so they can subconsciously experience the benefits.  They soften individuals tasting them and help to connect people and inspire conversation and childhood memories.

All of these things are the essence of what Spiritual Nutrition is about. Connection with self, and with others, a softening, an attention to self-love and self-reflection, compassion, kindness, creating a light that is so bright within ourselves so we are lanterns on this Earth shining the way for others to follow.

Spiritual Nutrition is a way of life. It is a path. My unique path. Your unique path. It is choosing to practice daily presence and gratitude.  It is choosing to nourish our body with nutritious food each day, it is choosing to be kind, always. It is choosing to be self-reflective and compassionate. It is choosing to listen. Listen to our heart and know ourselves wholly and completely without judgement. It is choosing to realise that we are all unique, divinely extraordinary resilient beams of light with something very special to offer this world that no one else can.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. Thank you all for always being courageous each day, for showing up, doing the work, for listening to yourself and those deep whispers within. Thank you for your support, love, and kindness.

The nourishing treats are only one special and very integral part of Spiritual Nutrition, and we have recently had a few more incredibly important additions to our offering with the handmade reiki infused Australian Native Smudge Sticks, the Reiki & Sound Healings, and the Space Clearing service.

So what is next?

Well…you will just have to wait and see.





 ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.’ - A Course In Miracles